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#ThrowBackThursday Final Fantasy IX playthrough part 13

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last visited Final Fantasy IX, last week was a pretty busy week so not only did I not get as much time with the game as I’d have liked, the opportunity didn’t arise to actually do a write up on what I had played, so this week is a bumper post. There’ll be another break after this one too, as I have something seasonal planned for next week’s #ThrowBackThursday and the week after that will be a Retro Games Club edition.

Last time out we had discovered, but not entered, Conde Petie.

Outside Conde Petie Quina decides there must be some delicious food inside and rushes off with Zidane voicing the obvious “all s/he thinks of is food” and Dagger responds that all Zidane thinks about is girls to which Zidane tries to smooth things out by saying he only thinks of her, however she’s already made her way into the village, completely ignoring Zidane. Inside everybody is greeted by a green skinned man who calls out “Rally-ho!”. Apparently this is their sacred greeting, which we’re informed “If ye dinnae say RallyHo, then ye cannae enter Conde Petie, hametoon o’ the dwarves!”. Not sure who was doing the translation on this game but thats a real mish-mash of dialiects there, though I’m sure it sounds like “The North” to anyone with an SW postcode. The Moogle here is called Mogmatt, I don’t have any mail for him but he would like me to deliver a letter to Suzuna. Quina gets accused of being a thief by the shop owner as s/he doesn’t really understand why you need Gil for food, though I should point out s/he hasn’t actually taken anything. Vivi feels like, for the first time, people aren’t afraid of him and Dagger gets stuck in a discussion regarding being married off to a village called William, she tells the village women she’s not marrying anyone, but it intrigued when they mention a place called Sanctuary.

The people here recognise Vivi as they talk about items they’ve traded with him and really liked, but Vivi has no clue what they are on about. After exploring Conde Petie for a while, Zidane returns to the shop where Quina was accused of stealing and happens upon a Black Mage trading with the shopkeeper. Vivi see’s him too, but he runs away before we can try to speak to him. Zidane chases after Vivi, with Dagger also joining him, as he pursues the Black Mage through Conde Petie to its entrance, though we don’t follow the Mage out of the village. Zidane is worried that the appearance of a Black Mage could mean Brahne has found them. “Harold Pathknower” says the “Pyntie-Hats” often come from the south east forest to trade with Conde Petie, apparently there’s more of them that live so deep in the forest that “not even the owls dinnae live there!”.

Final Fantasy IX (Disc 2) 2016-04-08 23.17.17

We leave Conde Petie and follow the cliff edge round to the forest south east of Conde Petie, as we progress through the tree’s the path begins to split into two with a sign post pointing down either side, one arrow says “Where there are owls” whilst the other says “Where there are no owls”. Remembering what Harold told me, we go down the path with no owls, though I can’t help wondering whats down the other path.

Funnily enough the “no owls” path feels like it loops back round, though really its just a re-use of assets and I have to keep checking the sign post each time and taking the relevant path until eventually a Black Mage appears on one of the forks and we follow him further.

We find the Black Mage in a clearing, and watch as he uses a spell to reveal a further path through the tree’s, Zidane and Vivi rush through before the path closes and find themselves in a village with the Black Mage they’d been following stood in front of them with its back to them. Another mage spots them, cries out and all the other mages run and hide whilst screaming “Humans!”. Vivi begs them to wait, but they don’t hear him. He remarks to Zidane that they were talking, then runs off excitedly to try and find out more. Dagger wonders why someone would build a village in a dying forest, then runs after Vivi and, unsurprisingly, Quina goes off to search for food again . Zidane is left to explore on his own.

An ATE shows the mages all hiding. Vivi finds some that will talk to him though, they don’t seem to have names and refer to each other by number. 288 tells Vivi the mages here all escaped from Alexandria and the cargo holds together, they came this far as they wanted to live in a world without humans, somehow they crossed the ocean. Vivi is shown their cemetery and 56 tells him he came with “Mr. 36”, they had so muchy to learn and were scared at first.  But they helped each other, however Mr 36 stopped moving one day and it was then that 56 learned what death was and was told he had to bury 36, though he doesn’t really seem to understand why and think’s his friend is going to come out from the ground again one day.


Dagger meets two other mages and tries to convince them she’s there to stop Brahne using them, but they don’t believe her, meanwhile Quina tries to persuade another pair to give up their Chocobo egg so that they can eat it. As Zidane leaves the synthesist shop Vivi runs past, Zidane heads in the direction he came from and finds 56 and 288 at the cemetery still. Zidane asks 288 why it is they can talk and is told they just became aware one day, each under different circumstances. He asks Zidane if he remembers being born, which of course he doesn’t, 288 says its the same for the Black Mages. He just woke up one day and there was a human body lying next to him covered in blood, this scared him and he ran as fast as he could and when he looked around again he was far away from the front line. He found many others like him and so they decided to escape together.

Zidane searches the village for Vivi and finds him at the inn, Zidane tries to find out whats wrong but Quina interrupts by complaining about the food in the village. Dagger also arrives and asks Vivi what’s wrong, though Vivi doesn’t answer. Zidane covers for him, tell her he’s tired, Dagger says she is too and thinks they should all get some rest. Quina doesn’t want to and heads back to the forest to search for food.

That night Dagger see’s Vivi leaving the inn and tells Zidane who jokes that “maybe he’s letting us have some romantic time”. Dagger’s response is to do her hands on hips (no doubt pouting) angry pose, so he tells her not to worry too much and to let Vivi try and figure all this out for himself

Zidane: “Think about it…

Vivi’s never met Black Mages like himself before.”
Dagger: “But what if they’re being mean to him or saying nasty things”?

Z: “Do you reall think the people of this village gathered to do something like that?”


Z: “Maybe… Just maybe, he’ll find what he’s been looking for.”

D: “…Find what?”

Z: “A place to call home.”

D: “Home…?”

Z: “Yeah… A place where he belongs…”

Zidane then tells Dagger a story about a man (Zidane) who had longed to find his birthplace ever since he was a small child. He only remembered it in his dreams. He wanted to know more about himself, his parents, the home where he was born. One day he left the home of his adoptive father (Baku) to look for answers, his only clue being blue lights he saw in his dreams, though he never found it. He returned to his adoptive father who beat him and then smiled after doing so. The man couldn’t believe it, but thought to himself “This is my home. This is the place I call home”. He is still looking for his birthplace, but he has a home.maxresdefault (3).jpg

Vivi returns to the cemetery and talks to 288 again. He asks him how many people have stopped moving.288 says its very kind of Vivi to use their words, but he knows that Vivi knows what it means to live and die, he tells Vivi that seven of their friends have “stopped” recently, and that he thinks their lifespan is limited. It varies but most stop moving one year after “production”. 288 feels fear when he thinks of this, he doesn’t want to “stop” and would like to run away from if all but living in the village fills him with joy, which outweighs his fear of death, he wonders if Vivi’s travels with his friends give his life meaning.

Next morning Dagger is talking to 144 and discovers someone saw a silver dragon in the “northwest part of this continent”, she also tells Zidane about the Sanctuary she head about in Conde Petie. 144 also says he thinks he heard “this Kuja” mention a secret being hidden on this continent that may have something to do with the source of the Mist. The plan is to head back to Conde Petie and find out more about the Sanctuary. Before leaving, I visit Mogryo, who wants me to deliver a letter to Mocchi and also has a letter:


“From Stiltzkin to Mogryo

I’m becoming familiar with the geography of the Outer Continent. My next destination is Conde Petie.

They exchange a special greeting with each other before entering the village… What was it?

I think it was ‘Rally-Ho!'”

I pop back to the Inn and find Virgo near the bunk beds


Watching the sunset from the cape, Virgo whispered

‘My only wish is to be with you now…’

=Stellazzio Story=”

Which means I now have four of the Stellazzio’s and with that its back to Conde Petie.

There were two area’s of Conde Petie I couldn’t access before, and at present I still can’t. Both are guarded but the group believe one of these will lead to the valley on the other side of this bridge based settlement and then onto the so-called Sanctuary.

“Jenny Greet” tells a tale of a man who tried to head east of Conde Petie, however he hadn’t undergone the “ceremony” so he wasn’t allowed passage through.

I speak to Shamis Gatekeeper, who also says that only people who have received ceremony can pass. To find out more about this ceremony I have to speak to His Holiness, though Shamis doesn’t know where he is. Richard and Matthew Watchman, the guards near the weapons shop, also tell me to speak to His Holiness but again, neither of them knows of his whereabouts. I eventually find Father David Heavenguard pacing up and down a corridor, Zidane tells him they want to pass through the village and is told

“Tradition sates that only those who undergo the ceremony can approach the Sancturary”

when pressed for more information on this ceremony they are told that hwen a man and a woman are blessed in holy unison, they undertake a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary, so, as Zidane observes, a wedding and a honeymoon. Zidane suggests to Dagger that they get married, though he doesn’t even finish his sentence before she agrees leaving Zidane both staggered and confused, but the ceremony does indeed go ahead. Funnily enough though, despite it being his suggestion and the only way they can pass through, Zidane begins to display signs of itchy feet, wondering to himself whether Dagger really means it, whether she really likes him, though he does settle on that last point, deciding it was him showing her that he was deep back in Black Mage Village that woo’d her “I’m such a stud!” he tells himself. When he goes in for the kiss, Dagger just walks off. Apparently there’s a few other things they have to do before they can take their pilgrimage to Sanctuary and Dagger takes this time to remind Zidane that they’re only married whilst they’re in Conde Petie. Vivi and Quina figure out they can’t come along so Zidane suggests that they get married too.


An ATE shows us their ceremonry, Quina reveals that s/he feels really happy and Vivi says he does too. As Zidane and Dagger speak to Matthew and Richard about passing through they hear cries of “Thief!” and a young blue haired girl with a Moogle following behind, is chased past the two newly weds, with Matthew and Richard joining the pursuit. Zidane and Dagger follow the chase out of Conde Petie, Matthew and Richard believe the young girl has gotten away, but it sounds like she regularly steals food from the village (and is probably the thief Quina was confused for last time we were here). Once the guards have gone we spot the young girl hanging from a branch by her clothing.

She seem’s to like to talk to herself, or at least vocalises every thing she see’s, noting that Zidane doesn’t have a horn but that he does have a tail, though I’m not sure why she’d notice the lack of a horn. Her Moogle friend has abandoned her, but Quina mentions it was a “funny colour” and decides s/he might like to eat it, as she runs off to chase down the Moogle she knock the tree the girl is hanging from freeing her and she then tells us her name is Eiko.

Dagger offers to take her home, with Zidane agreeing by saying “Yes, yes, anything for my lovely wife”. Eiko asks if they’re married, Zidane says yes, but Dagger speaks over him and says no, they’re just friends, at this Zidane hangs his head in disappointment. With our next destination  decided (Eiko’s home, where we hope to find her Moogle friend, Mog, and Quina) the group with their new friend as part of the group heads off.

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