Albums of the Year 2018

#1 IDLES “Joy as an Act of Resistance”

Where to start with this!? I genuinely think this is one of the most important records of our time as the Bristolians shine the spotlight on subjects such as toxic masculinity (in SAMARITANS) and immigration (Danny Nedelko) whilst assaulting your senses and making you listen. Just a brilliant, brilliant record that everyone should listen to.

Albums of the Year 2018, Music

#4 Slaves “Acts of Fear and Love”

Slaves are one of my favourite bands right now and it feels like the duo can do very little wrong. I’ll admit i was worried by “Cut and Run” but I think that the band would appreciate the opinion that the track is a “grower not a shower”. Lead track “The lives they wish they had” is typical Slaves, mocking and pointing the finger at society and “Artificial Intelligence” is all distortion and feedback to anthemic lyrics.

Albums of the Year 2018, Music

#8 Marmozets “Knowing What You Know Now”

I absolutely adore 2014’s “The Weird and the Wonderful” and it had begun to feel like we were never going to get the follow up record. I think I maybe set it up to fail for myself as I was of the opinion that it would be much higher up this list than it ended up being. Don’t get me wrong, its an excellent record but it doesn’t quite hit the heights of that debut album.